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Our services have transformed the lives of women, young children, and adolescent girls in Fakir Bagan.

From our beneficiaries

During my pregnancy with Sriya, my younger daughter, Calcutta Kids was my only hope and support — more than any family member. I learned many things from them about proper child care, nutritional foods, and the value of vitamins and minerals in child health. Through [Calcutta Kids], I got my child’s monthly growth. I also got companionship from other mothers through community meetings. I feel a lot of comfort from talking to them.

Nirmala J.

I have learned through Calcutta Kids’ community meetings the importance planning. I have one son and one daughter, and I followed [the Calcutta Kids] recommendation: “Chhota pariwar sukhi pariwar” (a small family is a happy family). I also followed their ideas and bought a sewing machine and earned pocket money to help my family. I am really thankful to Calcutta Kids.

Suman P.

I was pregnant at 15 years old, and at that time I was very inexperienced, confused, and helpless. But after I registered with Calcutta Kids, I felt like I had didis (sisters). Their guidance and support were my only hope. When I am struggling to move forward in my life, the Calcutta Kids didis’ counseling always reminds me “hamesha koshish korte rahna” (nothing is impossible, always try). Now I have overcome many situations.

Riya P.

When I was a [Calcutta Kids] beneficiary, I had no idea about proper child care... After participating in the Calcutta Kids initiative, I focused on breastfeeding and I saw [my daughter’s] growth. Now as a health worker, I am proud of myself, I have a lot of information, I am counseling others, guiding others on medicines and their doses and the importance of vaccines. I am happy to do that. I am valued in my family, I am helping to financially support my family. I believe that through the Calcutta Kids daughter’s intelligence level increased. She is shining in class and I would like to see her become a doctor.

Malti S. - Community Health Worker since 2009

In 2018, moderate and severe malnutrition among young children in the Calcutta Kids Child Health Program was half what it was in India as a whole.

*UNICEF. (2019). Comprehensive national nutrition survey: 2016–2018.
As of 2020, the rate of severe malnutrition among Calcutta Kids beneficiaries remains between 3 and 3.3%. Since 2015, India no longer tracks severe malnutrition alone (it now aggregates data for severe and moderate malnutrition).

Since Calcutta Kids began, severe malnutrition among young children has plummeted.

In 2020, nearly all young children in the Calcutta Kids Child Health Program were fully immunized—a strikingly high number, especially compared to India as a whole.

See citation

Executive Summary on Report- Health in India, NSS 75th round: Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation: Government Of India. Executive Summary on Report-Health in India, NSS 75th round | Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation | Government Of India. (n.d.).
*2020 data

Since Calcutta Kids began, average birth weight among Calcutta Kids beneficiaries has jumped from low to normal.

Nearly all mothers in the Calcutta Kids Maternal Health Program deliver their babies in a hospital (which facilitates a quicker response to complications and increases odds of survival).

*2020 data

Number of home visits Calcutta Kids conducts each year


Number of medical consultations Calcutta Kids conducts each year

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