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Programs Overview

In spite of many skeptics and failed attempts by others, Calcutta Kids has dramatically demonstrated that malnutrition and low birth weights can be nearly eliminated. Involvement of the community and home visits by local women are showing the way to reach Health For All, even in poor slum conditions.

— Jon Rohde, MD, Former UNICEF Representative, India

The Calcutta Kids programs grew out of our mission to provide essential services that enable underserved women and children to thrive. Each program has a unique focus but they all share common DNA — a focus on data, public health, and community — that makes our work effective.


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  • We track the needs and care of each beneficiary with an electronic health record (EHR) system.
  • We leverage the EHR to guide community health workers in providing the right care at the right time.
  • We use aggregate EHR data to continuously monitor and evaluate our programs.

Public health

  • We provide services that can prevent illness before it starts, like food assistance and immunizations.
  • We prioritize catching illness early and providing timely, high-quality treatment.
  • We train community health workers to provide personalized health education and basic care.


  • We develop programs that meet needs expressed by community members.
  • We involve trusted, knowledgeable members of the community. 
  • We iterate our programs based on community input.