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Who We Are

Our programs are powered by a versatile team local to Kolkata.

Implementation team

Community health workers

Community health workers are the face of Calcutta Kids in Fakir Bagan. The connections they make and sustain with the women and children we serve drive our programs.

Our community health workers are all highly respected women from within or near Fakir Bagan. Some began as beneficiaries and then joined the Calcutta Kids team after they experienced the benefits first-hand. Like the community at large, they speak Hindi and Bengali. They receive training in house and from the local district hospital.

The training our community health workers receive prepares them to:

  • Provide health and nutrition education
  • Administer vaccines
  • Take blood pressure
  • Distribute medicines (based on a doctor’s prescription)
  • Deliver rehydration care for children with diarrhea
  • Monitor the growth of children
  • Use the EHR to monitor and track beneficiaries

But what these women provide extends beyond simply delivering services — they become friends, confidantes, and older sisters to our beneficiaries and their families.

Medical staff

The doctors at our clinic have been trusted sources of care in the community for decades. In addition to providing care in beneficiaries’ homes, our community health workers also work in the clinic.

Operations and finance team

This team oversees all program operations and ensures that the organization meets its regulatory obligations and compliances. They prepare the budget, monitor expenses, and facilitate our annual audits.

Data team

This team enters, collates, and analyzes the beneficiary data that our community health workers collect daily. We use this data to ensure that each beneficiary gets the services they need and that we meet our objectives.

Calcutta Kids Staff