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The strong partnerships we have with foundations, civil service entities, suppliers, local clubhouses, and specialty service providers bolster our work and enhance the well-being of our beneficiaries.


Samanvay Foundation

Samanvay Foundation provides information technology support for social impact organizations. Samanvay Foundation developed and maintains our electronic health record. Their partnership has enabled our community health workers to transition to a tablet-based system, which makes data collection, analysis, and visualization more efficient. Samanvay Foundation also assists with program evaluation.

Mudita Foundation

Mudita Foundation works to build and strengthen systems to support people — including children — who are at risk of or trapped in situations of exploitation. Mudita has trained our community health workers on how to identify abuse (or disabilities that may increase risk of abuse) among our beneficiaries and connect them with appropriate services.

Civil service entities

District hospital

Our partnership with the government hospital for the district is critical for our operations and our beneficiaries’ welfare. Our beneficiaries deliver their babies at the hospital and can also access specialty care there, if needed.

The hospital recognizes our community health workers as patient advocates (which allows them to stay informed about beneficiaries’ labors and deliveries) and health care professionals (which affords benefits such as being prioritized for Covid-19 vaccination). Our community health workers also receive clinical training through the hospital.

Police department

We are proud to have a strong relationship with the local police department in Fakir Bagan. The police department provides various types of valued support, including helping us intervene in situations of human trafficking, educating the adolescent girls in our program about their safety and rights, and inviting Calcutta Kids to participate in awareness campaigns about public health and safety.


Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels provides vitamins to underserved women and children worldwide. Vitamin Angels supplies us with Vitamin A and deworming tablets to give our beneficiaries.


Splash designs child-focused water, sanitation, hygiene, and menstrual health solutions for some of the world’s biggest low-resource cities. Splash donated a large water filtration system for the Calcutta Kids clinic. This system ensures that the clinic has consistent access to clean water. Many of our beneficiaries also come to the clinic to collect clean drinking water for their families.

Local clubhouses

The local clubhouses in Fakir Bagan are social gathering places for community members, especially men. These clubhouses have hosted Calcutta Kids events and distributed food to locals during particularly tough times.

Specialty service providers

We have referral relationships with several local health and social service providers where we can send beneficiaries for specialty services. These services include: tuberculosis treatment, HIV testing and treatment, support for people with developmental disabilities, substance use recovery, psychiatric care, dental care, and diagnostic services (such as blood work, x-rays, and CT scans).